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“What is #SalonSpaChat?”

#SalonSpaChat is a community of and for the Professional Beauty Industry. Via Twitter we share social media tips, marketing information as well as great hair, makeup, stylist & barber pictures, style and more!

We use Twitter to talk to other professional, future clients, brands, owners and marketing experts around the world.

How do I participate in SalonSpaChat?

  1. Follow @SalonSpaChat on Twitter.
  2. LIKE our FACEBOOK Page to keep up with weekly themes, sponsors and times.
  3. Sign up with our NEWSLETTER to keep up with the host: Jon-David aka Mafia Hairdresser.
  4. #SalonSpaChat is real-time.
  • Every TUESDAY sign in to Twitter and use the hashtag: #SalonSpaChat

  • 1pm Eastern Time~12pm Central Time~10am Pacific Time

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#SalonSpaChat Newsletter

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“Why should I participate?”

  • #SalonSpachat is for everyone.
  • You will increase your Twitter Followers!
  • #SalonSpachat will help you reach new clients and connect you with other businesses.
  • This Twitter Chat will elevate you and our industry.
  • As a Professional Beauty Industry Professional you can talk to directly to other professionals and customers.
  • As a Professional Beauty Brand you can talk directly to customers, salons and barber shops.
  • If you are a lover of Salons, Spas or Barber Shops, please join in!

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Don’t forget to download a copy of the book: Twitter for Salons & Spas: 10 Minutes a Day Wins New Clients and Customer Satisfaction.

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